Tuesday, December 8, 2015

TFCon Charlotte 2015

The whole weekend was amazing at TFCon 2015, had a great time.
Ran into many familiar faces and made some new friends.
Hound suit was a big hit.
Optimus Prime truck from TF4.
Met with Greg Berger (Grimlock) and Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee).

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Helmet & Forearm

TFCon 2015 is getting close and I need to finish Hound shortly.
All I have left is Helmet, Mask, and forearms.
The left forearm is finished.
I did 6 or 7 light coats of Plasti-Dip spray in a dark grey color.
The forearm blaster attachment went as planned.
I made an elastic sleeve with a hard plastic plate to go on the inside of forearm, and pre-drilled holes for screws to attach the blaster barrels.
Knowing the blaster barrels would add extra weight, the inside elastic helps a lot.

Helmet and face mask should be completed by Friday.
May not have time to install a small fan in helmet.
Remainder of bin I used for helmet material.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Forearm Sleeves & Gloves

This past weekend I worked on the forearm sleeves and gloves.
Last year I crafted some prototype forearm sleeves for Prowl to replace the hard plastic ones, but never continued.
So I used them for Hound.
The base sleeves are made out of camping foam mat, easy stuff to cut and hot-glue gun together.
Over the base sleeves I used the mat foam from hardware store.
This is my first time using this grey foam.  
I got two different types ; 1/2 thick and 1/4 inch thick.
Tricky at first to work with, especially the angle cutting.
Used contact cement to glue.
I glued a piece of elastic to fit around my wrist on the inside of sleeves, used hot-glue gun to secure.
Might use Plasti-Dip spray for outer color coating, running a few spray test pieces first.

The gloves I knocked out quickly.
Mirrored the gloves I did for Prowl, minus the finger pieces.
I might finish finger pieces when I have more time.

Belt Finished , Gun Holster

After a few minor adjustments, the belt is completed.
Fits comfortable and feels lighter than the belt I made for Prowl, maybe less vinyl board material.

I also started on the holster for gun.
Something quick and simple, cut out the bottom corners of storage tote plastic and riveted together.
Heat gun came in handy again to curve the pieces together.
Used a few foam cut-outs for inside holster where gun rests to avoid scratches. Gun holsters smooth and snug, the side of gun is tote bin plastic so I'm not worried about scratches.
Next is to attach holster to belt and make a leg strap.