Monday, April 27, 2015

Hound - April Progress

Over the past two weeks I have made some moderate progress on Hound.
Cut out sockets for chest headlights, using small funnels for LED's enclosure and similar 9v wiring done with Prowl.

Continued working on boot assembly, trying to get a finalized frame with PVC that will allow decent ease of taking boot on and off.  So far I have the correct frame for supporting the outer fender.
I may have to devise a swivel or hinge on the corner of frame.
Whatever the final result, have to duplicate and mirror the assembly for the left boot.

Sprayed primer on more parts, while weather was cooperating.



Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hound - Missile Launcher & Torso

This weekend worked on torso and missile launcher for Hound.
Riveted a few brackets to attach Jeep front to chest protector, trying to get correct angle for hood and room to wear helmet.
Also did a few base primer and sanding to hood, I'm a little worried about the sun fade on hood, primer should fill the cracks.

Started throwing together ideas for the missile launcher designs.
I went with 3 inch PVC parts for the launcher and so far looks great.
The green missile cone I found at A.C Moore, and the orange one is from a funnel kit at Harbor Freight Tools.
This time I used rivets with plastic tabs on the inside missile cones instead of glue to hold together.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Roanoke Valley ComiCon 2015

The Roanoke Valley ComiCon was a huge turnout this year.
Many familiar faces in addition to a great attendance.
I passed out flyers for the upcoming TFCon set for October in Charlotte NC.