Sunday, August 11, 2013

Charticon 2013 NC

The Charticon event was amazing, and I had an awesome time.
I took first place in the cosplay costume contest.
The other contestants that participated had great costumes also.
Many Charticon convention attendee's were excited to get photo's with all of us in costume. 
I have a few tweaks to adjust on Prowl and then will work on some upgrade ideas like working head-lights and red/blue police lights.



Sunday, August 4, 2013

Full Dress Rehearsal

This morning finished mask enough for a full dress rehearsal on driveway.
Wore the entire thing for about an hour.
Took about 25 minutes to put on and another 25 to take off with my pit crew helping.
I will definitely do some paint brush touch-up on mask to accent facial features and then do a clear coat.
The tinted eyes turned out great.
For now, the mask just wedges into place under helmet.  
However, I will need to secure mask with an elastic headband because it kept on sliding off my face with helmet on.

 Here are photos and video of today's rehearsal:

Oh I almost forgot, the new license plate:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last Weekend

This is the last weekend for me to finish Prowl before next Friday.
Last night I finished the left glove.
Today I spent working on mask, cutting and fitting pieces then riveting together, and finally applying a primer coat.
I like the color grey look, so later when completed I will give it a clear coat finish.
Tomorrow I will finish nose and after clear coat dries, secure the eyes.


Oh I also put new decals on the cruiser, the old ones had weather cracks...