Sunday, June 30, 2013

Painted Parts

Spray painted more parts and did a few clear enamel coats this weekend.
The list is getting shorter and some minor modifications are being adjusted.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tire Mounts

Attached the two lower tires onto the lower leg mounts.  
Drill press the holes into the steel rod and secured it with cotter pins.  
Original plastic end caps cover the end axle cotter pins.  
Also sprayed a final coat of dark grey on lower leg inner side panels, will do a protected clear coat tomorrow.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Right Hand Complete

Last night finished the right hand with white plastic plates.  Found some cheap white nail polish for rivets at dollar store.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Leg Fenders & Feet Demo

Today with help from my lovely assistant, I did a trial run wearing both feet and lower leg fenders and walked around a bit.
The video is only 60 seconds long but I walked around for about 10 minutes just get a feel for what mobility I will have.



Saturday June 15th

Today was prep and primer some lower leg parts.
The right lower leg fender was ready for a white final coat.  Tomorrow I will tape off the white and spray the entire exterior of the fender two coats of a final flat black.

Construction of the lower leg fenders are complete.
Tomorrow I will do a test fitting with platform feet and lower leg fenders strapped on, and have a walk about. 
Then make any adjustments or modifications if needed.


Here is an example look of lower leg with platform foot . . .


This the look of the lower leg fenders and feet I was attempting to re-create, based on this Transformers comic cover art of Prowl . . .

(courtesy of IDW publishing)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Back on track

Prowl has been halted for a short time because of more important matters recently.
Since my last post in May, I've been focusing on completing my degree, participate in a Guatemala mission trip, and go through the emotions of accepting my dad's passing.
Love and miss you Dad.

The past few days I spent cleaning and organizing my shop area, while prioritizing what parts of Prowl need to be completed before the Charticon Convention.
This helped me to get motivated and back onto the flow of things.
I need to finish the hands, face mask, forearms, lower fender legs, and upper leg covers.  
I will put the electrical wiring with lights on hold along with making a hand-held gun.  These can be added on later if I have time.
Yesterday and today was spent on finishing both lower leg fenders as much as possible.  
Working on the right fender has to be duplicated along side to the left one with some degree of accuracy to make them look the same but opposite.  
I also began to cut and work with the clear acrylic plastic sheet for the window section on both lower legs assembly.  So far so good on the right leg.