Sunday, April 14, 2013

Missile Launcher Mounts

This Transformers Prowl costume wouldn't be complete if I left out the missile launchers
The mount bracket is two flat vinyl boards glued together and then attached to PVC fixture from back-pack harness.
Found the missile launcher mounts at Lowe's at a discount, they are PVC deck railing brackets from a mismatched opened package.
The launchers themselves with missiles will be easy to make from PVC and vinyl pieces.  
The missiles will not fire of course, just for looks, but would be cool if did like a Nerf gun or something.
I found some cheap plastic funnels in various sizes at Harbor Freight that I will use for the missile cone-tips.



Going to use a pair of black mechanic work gloves for hands with some white plastic pieces glued on.
The plastic from storage bins wouldn't bend the way I wanted it to, kept cracking wrong or snaping off when trying to bend 90°  .
I found some cheap ice-cube trays at .99 cent store to use for finger covers and glue-gun them onto gloves.


Received the decals I ordered in the mail on Friday.
Thank you
A total of six Autobot insignias in red: four at 2 inches wide and two at 3 inches wide.
The 2 inch ones will go on shoulders and lower fenders.
One single 3 inch will go on center hood.
The lettering for "HIGHWAY PATROL" and "POLICE" in pairs will go on doors.
I will custom print the star shield myself with decal sheet and home PC printer.


Leg Fenders

On Wednesday applied primer to the lower leg fenders and worked on ideas to attach fenders to lower leg. 
First attempt was using velcro and elastic straps around calf and also behind knee, didn't hold.   
Second attempt used regular nylon strap with adjustment loops with better results.
The straps supported the weight of fender completely but was too tight around leg.  Mobility was moderate and not too limited.  
Just one lower fender assembly is 18 inches wide so I may have to go a little sideways through doors.