Sunday, August 30, 2015

Torso Completed

Post #100 !!!
After attaching the front grill and placing decals, the main torso assembly is done !
It was easier to solder the headlights wiring before attaching grill, a few had to be done after.  
The shrink tube was easier to work with using a heat gun rather than gas torch.
Always double check your connections before final solder.
The Army Star decals turned out exactly as I hoped for on front fenders.

Also finished gluing on the left boot soles.
Trimmed the excess and sprayed a flat black.
Both lower leg pieces are assembled.  Tail-lights and decals placed.
Did a quick walk around with both legs completely assembled, I am pleased with results.

Yesterday I was tinkering with cardboard to get a basic idea on Helmet construction.