Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Almost There . . .

After placing decals on doors and hood, I assembled everything on torso to get an overall completed look.
I will do a fitting this weekend to make adjustments and tweaks.  
All I have left to complete is the lower legs, hand gun, electrical for lights, gloves and forearms.



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Door & Hood Decals

Today I did one more final clear coat spray enamel on the two doors for added protection.
While they where drying I finished the battery box on back of harness. 
Soon as the doors were dry I applied decals.
One area on a door the clear coat peeled away while removing the decal peel, I was so pissed
I'm over it now and besides the mark will be behind one of the shoulder tires, and it kinda gives the outfit character.
The hood decal looks awesome.



Helmet Complete

The Helmet is done!
Yesterday I finished constructing it with remaining parts to be added after clear coat.
Today I applied two coats of enamel gloss spray just like doors and hood.
Once that dried I attached the red forehead wing with cover piece.
Overall the helmet looks awesome, and of course it hits my head.
I need to put some padding inside of helmet for a more comfort fit.
The small round plastic dots on the helmet are screw snap covers, found those handy little parts at hardware store.




Clear Coat

Yesterday I finished spray painting the black & white color coats on the doors, hood and front end.
Today I sprayed a clear coat enamel with 2 layers for added protection on the same pieces.
I also worked on the helmet today.
Once I let clear coat dry on doors, I finished riveting the plastic end pieces
Next is decals on doors and hood.





Missile Launchers Completed

Sprayed the missiles the metallic chrome paint and they turned out awesome.
Both are ready to mount on back harness above shoulders.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Front End Assembly

Before it started raining, I was able to quickly get a black spray paint coat on the front end assembly.  
Tomorrow I will peel the tape and do a clear-coat gloss protectant finish.
I have one more small black portion to spray on hood and then it too gets a gloss finish.

New Helmet

My initial idea for making a helmet from a plastic cast mold is officially scrapped.
First I don't have the money for $300 worth of plastic cast and mold materials, I did some shopping around and that stuff ain't cheap.
Second I have improved my creative skills in working with plastics.
And third, I just wasn't happy with the clay model.
All weekend and friday afternoon I have been working on helmet and spray painting other parts.
I got the entire helmet construction done with primer coat and one white coat.
Tomorrow I will do another white coat and then a clear gloss protectant final coat. 

This a concept art picture of the helmet look I was going for and the original helmet from a kids toy I found on

My new Prowl helmet under construction...

Finished and then sprayed with primer...

Presenting my new and improved Transformers Prowl helmet...
(helmet shown with forehead wing temporary in place for photo)

Doors Painted

Doors are spray painted black & white and ready for clear coat protectant.
Then I will finish attaching the plastic pieces that go on ends.
Last is apply the decals.
There is a possibility that the shoulder tires might touch and scratch the doors when I move around, so I am considering applying some clear packing tape on doors where the tires would make contact.