Sunday, August 2, 2015

Productive Weekend

Back assembly completed.  Mounted the tires and riveted a couple more pieces.

The torso assembly so far looks great with chest and hood temp attached.  The hood will attach by the Jeep clamps on top of fenders, and by the strap clips I added above shoulders.  The male clip is riveted under hood and the strap length is adjustable for fitting.
I fitted a cover piece for over the vinyl strap clip.

Riveted on the underside panels to the chest fenders, few paint scratches from rivet gun, touch up later.

Continued on lower Leg fenders. 
Pieced together the folded roll bars on each leg and painted black.  

Both inner side panels are done and ready to rivet onto PVC boot frame. Going to do attach them last after paint and final clear coat on fenders.

Fitted the cover panel, cut out of storage bin plastic, and ready to rivet after paint job.

Started the headlights for the grill.  Found reflective paper sheet at craft store to line the inside of cone.  Made a paper cut-out template first for reflective paper.
LED bulb fits good.  
I have all the necessary parts ready for headlights, wires, LED's switch, resistors, shrink tube, etc.