Monday, September 28, 2015

Forearm Sleeves & Gloves

This past weekend I worked on the forearm sleeves and gloves.
Last year I crafted some prototype forearm sleeves for Prowl to replace the hard plastic ones, but never continued.
So I used them for Hound.
The base sleeves are made out of camping foam mat, easy stuff to cut and hot-glue gun together.
Over the base sleeves I used the mat foam from hardware store.
This is my first time using this grey foam.  
I got two different types ; 1/2 thick and 1/4 inch thick.
Tricky at first to work with, especially the angle cutting.
Used contact cement to glue.
I glued a piece of elastic to fit around my wrist on the inside of sleeves, used hot-glue gun to secure.
Might use Plasti-Dip spray for outer color coating, running a few spray test pieces first.

The gloves I knocked out quickly.
Mirrored the gloves I did for Prowl, minus the finger pieces.
I might finish finger pieces when I have more time.

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