Sunday, June 28, 2015

Finalized Boot Frame

All day Saturday I worked on trying to finalize the PVC frame support around boots.
Many alterations and testing walks wearing boot, also to mention getting it on and off procedure.
I had to make the wheel fixed in place for mounting purposes.
More than half of the entire shroud weight around the boot is heavy to one side, so I had to affix the PVC frame directly to boot in order to balance it. 
So far the entire assembly has a few pieces that completely remove to get my foot in and out of boot.

The lower bracket holds most of the weight of frame balance, and also an upper screws directly through boot into the PVC.

First the tire mount bracket connects...

Then a PVC frame connects to tire bracket in addition to a lower PVC coupling.

Last piece is a connector pipe that slides through PVC couplings to secure frame.

Because of off-balance weight during alterations, I made a simple wood block stand that helped a lot. 
The cardboard cutouts are for measuring the outer covers, not sure yet if I am going to use vinyl sheet board or just thin storage bin plastic.

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