Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hound - May - Shoulder

Made some decent progress this weekend.
Worked on shoulder and upper arm assembly.

This green storage bin plastic material is flexible and soft to work with, so I had to use washers on rivets in order to prevent them from compressing all the way through plastic.
Also using the red plastic as reinforcement worked as well.

Had to notch the hood corner off to allow for shoulder piece and movement.

Used as much of the bin lid pieces as possible, and used the preformed angles to my advantage and creativity.

The original arm piece that came with the chest protector will come in useful for the upper arm assembly.
I can rivet green plastic pieces directly to and and use elastic Velcro straps to wrap around arm.  The black arm piece will also rivet directly to main shoulder by vinyl strap.
I need to sew on the the elastic Velcro straps first before I rivet everything together.

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