Saturday, March 21, 2015

Supplies Shopping for Hound

Friday night went supply shopping.
Re-stocked on spray paint and sanding blocks.
Found a storage bin at Walmart that is the perfect color green, and the spray paint color Hunter Green matches pretty good.
I will look for other color greens that might match better.

The heat gun, gloves and floor mat I got at Harbor Freight Tools.  Good place to shop for tools and supplies when you're on a budget.
The floor mat material is good for forming light weight costume pieces.  
Cut into shape, form it with heat gun, hot glue gun the pieces together, then paint.  
This is a new method I will be trying, maybe the forearm pieces this will work for.

Found some vinyl angle brackets discounted at hardware store.
These are the same brackets I used on Prowl for the missile launcher mounts.

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