Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23

Worked on a lot of different parts/portions to Project Prowl this weekend.   
Finished end caps on the doors and also did a primer coat.  
Painted the belt pieces black and color touches as well.  
Changed plans for the elevated feet and found new material.

Belt pieces are finished with paint colors, and will add a clear coat spray next weekend before I assemble belt together with vinyl straps.   
The three cover plates will be glued on later.

 Primer coat on Both doors and did a flat black on inside of doors.
The final look will be a gloss black & white two-tone on outside with a final clear coat spray protectant.   
I photo-shopped the lettering text to get an idea of what the doors would look like with letter decals.

Last week I submitted an online quote from an Orthopedic website that custom builds elevated platforms onto your existing shoes or boots soles
They quoted me $600 for a six inch lift for a pair of shoes, hell no. 
Instead I found some vinyl molding planks from Home Depot for $30 that will work just fine.  
The vinyl plank is the same weight as wood and just as strong, plus the vinyl will not split from drilling screws into it.   
Cut the plank into ten inch pieces and stacked six for each foot to give a six inch lift.  
Still going to use the foot plastic parts from before that resemble the front of a robot toe. 
The black rectangle thing with all the holes in it is a piece of rubber floor mat I cut out to use for bottom sole on foot.   
Perfect for traction so I won't slip and fall and provides extra walking cushion.

Once I get the desired height from vinyl planks, I will use cut-out pieces of plastic to cover lift planks and either screw or rivet them to the feet.  
The plastic is from black storage bins found at a discount outlet store.

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