Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 9th weekend

   No homework this weekend so I had a lot of spare time to work on prowl project.  
Found a plastic supplier online that ships acrylic sheets of solid colors both black and white in various thicknesses and sizes, at a decent price too.
Decided to reconstruct new back assembly, the original one was too wide and bulky with doors attached.  I don't want to be limited going through doorways and such.

New back assembly with PVC joints for doors, inserted photo of original for comparison.

Front plates for abdomen/stomach, used two-piece rivets with 1-inch nylon strap for movement flexibility 

Marked areas on hood for shoulder cut-outs.
I sometimes get second thoughts about making certain cuts that can't be undone, so I made sure the cuts on hood were what I wanted and measured correctly
Primer grey belt sections and battery box.
I can't wait to start primer grey and painting major sections, getting tired of the red.

Inside shrouds for front grill assembly, cut the material pieces out of black plastic storage bins.
Light weight, thin and easy to cut to shape, I used cardboard templates first.


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